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Are maps, slices, and channels thread safe

When it comes to concurrency, every language does something differently. For go, most things are not thread safe, including maps and slices, however channels are thread safe.

Making maps and slices thread safe

Maps and slices are safe for concurrent reads, however concurrently reading/writing is not supported, and concurrent writes are not supported. A mutex can be used to make the objects safe for access from multiple threads as follows:

package main

import "sync"

type DAO struct {
	data map[string]string
	mutex *sync.RWMutex

func main() {
	dao := &DAO{
		data: make(map[string]string),
		mutex: new(sync.RWMutex),
	// concurrently read and write from DAO

func (d *DAO) Read(key string) (string, bool) {
	// Create a read lock which will allow concurrent reads but prevent any writes
	// Unlock when exiting the function
	defer d.mutex.RUnlock()
	val, exists :=[key]
	return val, exists

func (d *DAO) Write(key, value string) {
	// Creates a write lock which will prevent reads and  concurrent writes
	// Unlock when exiting the function
	defer d.mutex.Unlock()[key] = value

This example would also work for slices as well by simply changing the data object to a slice, and tweaking the read/write functions.